Eucharistic Missionary

    The Eucharistic-Missionary Charism of the Institute
  • To live a Eucharist-centered life and be a missionary are the twin dimensions of the charism of the CFMSS. The Eucharist is the very basis and pivot of the individual and communitarian life of the CFMSS. In other words, the CFMSS live by the Eucharist and draw from the Eucharist the strength for their life. Seraphina wished that each CFMSS were penetrated by the great truth that the Blessed Sacrament is the be-all and end-all of the religious: "a complete immolation of ourselves to Jesus along with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, in continuous reparation, and indefatigable apostolate"
  • "Let the Clarist Franciscan Missionaries of the Most Blessed Sacrament be recognized by their ardent and vibrant love for the Eucharist". Hence, the core of our identity is centered on the Eucharist.
  • "The CFMSS should continue the mission of the Mother of God among the people after the example of St. Clare, the Saint of the Eucharist." Seraphina wanted to set every person on fire with the Eucharistic flame. The evangelical mandate to proclaim the Good News was a blazing fire that continually fed her ardour to carry the compassionate, merciful love of the Eucharistic Jesus to lands beyond her native shore. "Go then, my daughters, enkindle and carry the love of the Eucharistic Jesus to all". It is the mandate given to all her daughters.
  • The motto "Porto i Misteri" (I Carry the Mysteries) is the key that the Venerable Foundress has given to her daughters to live the Eucharistic-Missionary Charism in their everyday life and missionary endeavors. To be a Jesus-bearer, a consecrated vessel holding God's Son is a powerful image that Seraphina engraved for herself and her daughters to live a Eucharistic life. Each CFMSS is to be "bearer of Christ" and generate Him in the hearts of men and women by their exemplary life.
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